“Turkey Day” Leftovers? – No Mish Mosh Please!

Ahhh…Thanksgiving Day leftovers…one of the best meals ever!

But mixing my turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing together to make a leftover combo-meal is not my idea of appetizing. My inner 6-year old comes out and says, “Blech”!

I do, however, look forward to creating some meals from those delicious Thanksgiving Day leftovers. Heck, I was the one who showed up at plenty of hosted dinners with my shopping bag full of empty plastic containers so that I COULD get leftovers.

My ideas are a lot less daring than piling it all together on bread or in a bowl and pouring gravy over the whole mess, but to me they almost make me want to skip the big day and go right to the “after hours”!


Turkey Caesar Sandwich

Buffalo Turkey Sandwich, or even better Buffalo Turkey Pizza!

Add pears and mandarin oranges to cranberry sauce for a tart breakfast treat

Take those leftover mashed potatoes and make my great grandmothers Potato Pancakes. I have never seen them made like this before and they are pure straight delicious comfort food. Any potato pancake I have ever seen uses shredded potatoes but these are made with mashed potatoes. There was no recipe for these delicious spuds because she just cooked with what she had so I had to come up with one. I noticed for me that it changes too depending on how many potatoes I have left and what other goodies I can throw in with them. I will get back to you with another post on these and a recipe! Until I do here is what she does, a few cups of mashed potatoes mixed with an egg, about 1/4 cup flour, salt and pepper and garlic, some chopped onion, maybe peppers, maybe cheese and a little milk or cream if you need to thin them out a bit. You should be able to take a small scoop and place on a fry pan with butter or oil, flatten it a bit, flip when golden on bottom and cook until golden again. Cook only a few at a time just like regular pancakes. Serve warm with butter and sour cream – OMG delicious! You will find reasons to make mashed potatoes so that you can make these! Hint – you can also buy the pre-made mashed potatoes and skip right to these delicious little darlings!!

I wonder if you could substitute mashed sweet potatoes and make sweet potato pancakes? I will have to try it this year and get back to you.

Fried sweet ‘tators….oh yah

Loaded mashed potatoes and a grilled steak

Shepherd’s Pie – I already have my meat mixture cooked and in the freezer in anticipation of being paired with mashed potatoes!

Use leftover corn to make corn cakes

Grilled BBQ Turkey Cheddar Melt – add some grilled onions and even bacon, now we’re talking

Why not have the same meal again? Just heap and reheat! Not mixed up though, of course…

A traditional turkey sandwich on white bread with mayo – a classic that cannot be beat


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