White Chocolate Bark, Like You Have Never Seen


Today, I did what I happily do best…avoid.

I avoided washing my giant pile of dishes from last night when I was trying to work on my website to no avail. I avoided working on my new website. I avoided paying my bills and everything else that I should have done.

My free time was spent in the kitchen creating white chocolate bark recipes. It was “just like perfect” and exactly what I needed.

These are the ingredients that I used in my first batch. The beauty of this bark is that you can make as little or as much as you want. I made small batches. You can also top it with whatever you like – dried fruits, flavored chips, nuts, M&M’s etc.

Toasted walnuts, toffee bits and cocoa krispies topped this first batch of bark. To toast nuts, spray cooking spray on a baking sheet for the toaster oven or regular oven, or use a small fry pan. Whichever way you choose, keep an eye on the nuts, they go from not-toasted to burnt very quickly.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.


I used 4 cubes of Vanilla Almond Bark and melted it slowly in the microwave.


Then I spread it out with a spatula. I like my bark thin because the goodies on top are the shining star for me, but you may want it thicker.


Sprinkle the top with the toasted nuts, toffee bits and cocoa krispies – very liberally! Lightly use your hand to pat the toppings into the melted chocolate.


For my second and third batches I melted 4 cubes and divided it to make two separate barks (reserve two tablespoons so that you can drizzle the top). For the second batch I added dried blueberries and chopped dried apricots as well as toasted walnuts. Lightly pat the toppings with your hand to press into the chocolate.


For the third batch I added butterscotch chips and toasted cashews. (I wanted the butterscotch chips to melt slightly into the warm chocolate but I did not get them into it soon enough while it was very warm. It also may have been fun to add the chips into the melted chocolate before you spread it on the pan and swirl them in a bit for a fabulous effect as they melted.) Again, lightly press the toppings into the melted chocolate. Then I drizzled the top of both barks with the reserved melted chocolate.


Freeze or refrigerate for at least 30 minutes to harden, then break apart to make pieces. Uneven pieces are the “cool” way to go and I just wrapped the sides of the parchment paper up over it and cracked it into desired sizes.


These would make a great “Thank you” gift!

Off to go wash my dishes now…avoidance only lasts so long…

White Chocolate Bark


– Vanilla Almond Bark (white chocolate) – I used 8 sections in total
– Toppings of your choice: For my three barks I used…
– walnuts, toffee bits and cocoa krispies
– dried blueberries, dried apricots and walnuts
– cashews and butterscotch chips

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Toast the nuts by using cooking spray on aluminum foil over a baking sheet, then putting into toaster oven or regular oven.

Melt the white chocolate slowly in microwave (follow package directions) and stir after each time to let chocolate melt. Then spread it onto the parchment paper evenly using a spatula.

Sprinkle the toppings onto the warm white chocolate and lightly press into the chocolate.

Refrigerate or cool for at least 30 minutes then break into pieces for serving or gift giving.


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