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Have you ever had a dream?

I have hundreds of them.

One of those dreams is to have a designated place for gift wrapping, preferably a small cottage behind my house that is surrounded by a fabulous garden (that’s another dream) where I can work my gifting magic. Instead, I have a small bucket on the storage side of the basement. It would never clue you in that I love “gifting”!

Did I mention that I love gifts?

Gifts for myself, of course, but even more than that I love giving gifts to others. Ever since I was a wee one I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of gift giving. I love the idea of the “thought” that goes into finding something just right for the person on your list.

I have a main blog site called “Make it, Bake it or Buy it!” where I share my fresh ideas for thoughtful gifts that you can make, bake or buy. Currently, many of my recipe-type gifts are ideas from other people that I share by directing you to their site for the information. That way you can see what else they have that you may like while you are there.

But I have another dream…

When I started my main blog I had a vision of what I wanted to do with it now, and in the future, but I also knew that I would remain open to new directions based on the interest of my readers. I have not been blogging for very long but in that short time I have noticed that my food ideas for gifts were “liked” and commented on most often. I found that interesting because the food/recipe world seems so saturated between TV shows, cookbooks, blogs and websites. But food is such an important part of life for so many reasons, including the feelings it evokes when you give a gift of food to someone…feelings for you and for the giftee.

I am a stay-at-home momma with young children, so my time is limited for extracurricular activities, like writing my own recipes. Despite that, I cannot help myself!

There are times when a fabulous food that I make would be a great gift for you to share with someone. So, I have been dabbling in the world of recipes and food photography. Since I am putting in the energy, I may as well start collecting, writing, organizing and sharing my ideas in a place that makes sense.

Like a food blog!


My main blog did not seem like the best place to incorporate images and recipes on a larger scale at this moment because of the blog design and it may be confusing so I have taken another leap and am adding a “Gifts of Food” styled blog as a way to showcase the great foods that you can gift to someone. Many of the foods will have recipes that you can make on your own, but I will also share ideas for foods that you can buy, either from someone else like a bakery or specialty food shop, or at a regular retailer.

Most of the recipes are mine. If I was inspired by someone else’s creativity I will let you know. It’s hard not to be inspired with all of the wonderful information at your fingertips!

The “Gift of Food” is one of the most special gifts that you can give because it truly embraces the “Thought That Counts” gift-giving mantra. Food is personal. “Personal” because you made it or selected it for a reason, because you know the taste preferences of the person you are gifting too and because the smells and sharing of it brings back memories and creates new ones. That is what gift giving should do in most cases. Food is a natural and obvious way to give a gift.

My style for food is one that makes sense to me. Sometimes, there is nothing like making it from scratch. Other times, why recreate the wheel when a perfectly fabulous food already exists? You don’t always need to grow the wheat yourself!

One of my favorite ways to cook and bake is to “Make it Mine”. I love to take an idea that I saw or a food that I ate and “tweak” it for my own preferences.

I invite you on my side journey into the “Gifts of Food”. Come shop around and find fresh ideas for thoughtful foods to celebrate the moments in your life, for any occasion.


Have a thought? Happy to hear from you...

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